surf-mindfulness-galicia-2Surfhouse Cedeira collaborates with Mindful Experience organizing packages Surf + Mindfulness, the good combination ! The concept: What is therelationship between the practice of surf and mindfulness ? the combination of two disciplines take you to a new way of understanding life and nature. The close relationship between the two practices is the key to this aimed at improving concentration, resilience – the ability to overcome adversas- situations, and stimulate good mood and positive feelings.

  • MINDFULNESS: We provide techniques to increase concentration and manage stress.
  • SURF: We encourage improved performance and a powerful tool to disconnect from everything that happens out of the water Participants in this program will learn mindfulness techniques that apply directly in surfing improving their performance level.


Mindfulness: the course is taught by Marga, a professor of mindfulness accredited by Respiravida Breathworks, whose qualifications meet the standards of The Network of Trainers of Teachers of mindfulness of United Kingdom (UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teacher Trainers).

Surf lessons: taught by our surf instructors: Gonzalo, one of the owners and David of Alawa Surf Camp, our partners. Perfect program for all those who want to surf while discovering the new trend of meditation (mindfulness) that you will achieve the CARPE DIEM and a complete déconnexion program. Mindfulness will help you to improve your performance, balance and surfing concentration

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